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[With photos] Step by Step Procedure to send Bike by Indian Railways Parcel and Luggage options

There are two ways  you can send your bike using Indian Railways. As a parcel or as a luggage. It is best for you to directly go to the parcel office and start the process. Do not go to a broker or parcel agent and start the process, you will end up paying more unnecessarily without any added service if you follow the below process. When I transported my bike from Delhi to Chennai, parcel agents outside asked me Rs. 6000. I got he job done in Rs. 3,533 (Rs. 3,333 luggage charge + Rs. 200 for packing) I hope you find the instructions helpful.


1. You need not travel with the bike.
2. Person sending the bike need not be present to receive the bike
3. You do not need a train ticket to send a parcel


1. You need to travel in the same train as the bike. Bike is sent as a luagge along with you
2. You need to collect the bike personally in the destination.
3. Bike owner or only their blood relative can transport
4. Costlier than parcel as you also need the ticket. If you are traveling, then this is not added cost.
5. Faster then parcel as it is sent along with you on the booked train

If you are not planning to travel in the train, but still book as a luggage, you need to have a confirmed ticket (Online or counter) or a waiting list ticket (Counter only) for luggage. You can then collect it from destination. Bike will be parked free of cost for 6 hours, additional hours will be charhged at Rs. 10 per hour + GST

Steps to book as Bike Parcel (You need not travel with the bike)

If you want your motor cycle or bike to be booked as parcel, then follow the steps given below.

Parcel is accepted only between 10 am and 5 pm

Step 1: A day before go to the Parcel office with bike that you need to transport. So that it will reach you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Find out the charges that has been and expected time of delivery/arrival of bike

Step 3: As discussed earlier, take the bike's registration certificate & insurance photo copy alone with you. You need not have the registration original for this process. You also need one original Photo id with you, as you also need to mention the ID number in the form. You need the same ID to collect the bike.

Step 4: There will be strict inspection of petrol tank of bike before they loaded in the train. So make sure you have least amount of petrol in the bike and empty it during packing. You can read this blog for problem faced with petrol in the bike.

Step 5: Outside railway transport office, they will be many packers to parcel the bike. Make sure your bike are securely packed by that packer. Cost for packing varies, usually you can get it done for around Rs. 200.

Step 6: Go to Parcel office, book put a value on your bike. Mention the bike's engine and chassis number in the parcel form.

Steps to book as Luggage (You need to travel with the bike)

Luggage can be booked even one hour before the departure of the train. You can read this blog to learn about what happened when booking for a train that was 8 hours late.

Parcel office will be open 24 hours for luggage services. (You can read the challenged faced for a delayed train)

If you want your bike to be booked as luggage, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the booking office any time within 24 hours before the departure of the train, with all the documents photocopies like insurance, bike registration certificate.

Step 2: Empty the petrol tank of bike and now securely pack the bike with packer. You can read this blog for problem faced with petrol in the bike.

Step 3: Now book it as luggage; keep the luggage receipt & the endorsement of the train ticket. Make sure you are keep it safe because these two are required to get your bike back

Here is the sample of the Luggage receipt you will need to get the bike back.

Step 4: Wait for the train. Make sure your bike is getting loaded to the same train. 99% this is taken care even with you checking, this is just to double check.

Step 5: After reaching your journey, go to luggage office. Show the original ticket and the luggage endorsement. Navigate to the platform or the train compartment to receive the bike parcel. Usually you need not pay any porter fees here if you collect it yourself. There can be cases where you again need to pay Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 to get your bike out. I had paid on one occasion in Chennai, Central (Rs. 100) and on another, I was not asked any money in Chennai, Egmore.

Note: Since you are emptying the petrol tank you can't start the bike. Also you can't travel with petrol filled in a bottle since it is violation of rules. So make sure your friend is waiting with a bottle of petrol so outside station so that you can take the bike directly to your home.

Tracking Bike Parcel Delivery in Luggage Office:

Enquire at the luggage office about the delivery of the bike. You will get the information on the motor bike parcel like when motor cycle has been transported and how long will it take to be delivered. Also the expected time of delivery

Bike Parcel Fees & bike Transport Charges/Cost:

Rail transport Fess are always cheap when you compared to other mode of transportation. Please find the for bike parcel charges/cost

Packing / Porter Charges Rs. 150 to 200 /- . These charges will be needed for both packing and during delivery.

Total cost to transport bike through Indian railway trains is calculated based on the CC of the bike. Most will be in 60 - 350 cc category.

If you need the exact cost then you can check out the below website which will in turn calculate the charges or the cost for the transport.

Railway parcel charges

Insurance charge is based on the value of the bike. Note this cost will be included along with the Parcel cost. State the value of the bike as higher because higher the value of bike will get higher insurance fee. Declaration up to Rs.10, 000 don't have any extra charges. After that the insurance charges will be extra 1% of the declared value.

Bike Parcel Transport Rules:

Make sure to empty the petrol tank of your motorcycle because during inception if they found a bike with fuel in the petrol tank, then they will put fine for Rs.1000 (i.e.) for transporting the bike with petrol. In some cases, the railway police will have rights to put criminal case and there are changes to put to you in prison for a period of 6 months to 2 years.

Suppose if the bike is lost because of train accident etc. then Indian railways will repay as per the declared value of goods
Make sure you are mentioning the bike engine & chassis number during the parcel form registration.
If you unable to unload & collect the bike from the train at your destination station, then you can again book bike parcel to the nearest major railway station.

Bike Parcel Booking Timings:
Parcel     10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Luggage     24*7

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Photo Tour: Solo bike ride from Chennai to Delhi - 3,350 km - Planned Unplanned V

<< Planned Unplanned Trip V Index

For write up on any of  these days:

>> Deciding on the location and preparing for the trip
>>Day 1 & 2: Chennai to Hyderabad for Biryani and off to Aurangabad
>> Day 3: Exploring Ellora caves and change in plan
>> Day 4: Roaming in Indore and rest in Udaipur
>> Day 5: Roaming in Udaipur, pit-stop in Ajmer dharga, amazing street food and rest in Jaipur
>> Day 6 & 7: Roam in Jaipur, change in plan and left to Agra the next day
>> Day 8: Roaming in the magnificent Agra and leave to Delhi
>> Day 9: Plan to exit and roam in Delhi
>> Day 9 took me in to 10, with trouble parceling the bike by train and challenges at every turn. Best experience.

Final route map and cities covered in 9 days. 18/11/2017 (Saturday) to 26/11/2017 (Sunday)

Getting ready:

Day 1: Chennai to Hyderabad

Shadab Biryani

Day 2: Hyderabad to Aurangabad

Bibi ka maqbara

Day 3: Ellora caves

Kailasha temple (cave# 16) Worlds largest monolithic (made out of a single stone) structure.

Day 4: Indore - Ujjain - Udaipur

Rajwada, Indore

Lal baag Palace, Indore

Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjain

Day 5: Udaipur - Ajmer - Jaipur

Jagdish Mandhir

Udaipur City palace

Ajmer Dharga

Day 6: Jaipur

Amer fort

Nahargarh palace

Jaivan canon, Jaigarh fort

Jaipur City palace

Janthar Manthar, Jaipur

Hawa mahal, Jaipur

Day 8: Agra and reach Delhi

View of Taj from accross the Yamuna river

Fathepur Sikri

Taj Mahal

Agra fort

Reached Delhi at last :D

Day 9: Delhi

Red Fort

Humayun Tomb

Qutub Minar

That's it.

[Bikers Must Read] Bike parcel in railways troubles faced - Deihi to Chennai

<< Planned Unplanned Trip V Index
<< Deciding on the location and preparing for the trip
<< Day 1 & 2: Chennai to Hyderabad for Biryani and off to Aurangabad
<< Day 3: Exploring Ellora caves and change in plan
<< Day 4: Roaming in Indore and rest in Udaipur
<< Day 5: Roaming in Udaipur, pit-stop in Ajmer dharga, amazing street food and rest in Jaipur
<< Day 6 & 7: Roam in Jaipur, change in plan and left to Agra the next day
<< Day 8: Roaming in the magnificent Agra and leave to Delhi
<< Day 9: Plan to exit and roam in Delhi
>< Day 9 took me in to 10, with trouble parceling the bike by train and challenges at every turn. Best experience.

Bike parcel from Delhi to Chennai - Trouble till the end followed by a sweet success after 5.5 hours struggle.

You can read this blog if you are only looking for procedure to send your bike using Indian Railways.
If you want to know the challenge, you can read further.

It was the end of my ride. All the way from Chennai to Delhi and it was time to send the bike by train. I would leave in the morning by flight.

Went to the booking office at 9 pm, with the train actual departure at 11:45 pm (22404 New Delhi - Pondycherry express) train was already late and would start only by 4:45 am. We were already too early, still would bring some relief with the bike taken care. Filled up the form using the reference they had pasted outside on the notice board. They asked me to pack the bike and bring it with me. In the morning, the place was filled with people who were pestering to get the bike packed, now there was none. Saw a group of guys getting sunk in to weed. One of them offered to pack the bike. Cost was fixed at Rs. 250.

The first of the series of trouble started when we had to drain the petrol from the tank. Easily the tank had about 2 – 3 liters in it. There is no regulator between the petrol tank and the EFI system, though which you can drain the petrol like you can do in other bikes. Only way is to suck out the petrol from the top using a pipe. CBR tank is not a full opening on top, making it even difficult to see the petrol inside, leave alone inserting a wider pipe. We need a narrow pipe to get he job done.

Usually packers will have the air circulation pipe using in fish tanks with them. Perfect tool for this task. It was late and no one there had a pipe we can use. Took the guy on my bike and went around to find some shop. No luck and we had to return. I had to give up, started the bike and let it run with the petrol tank open, anticipating it will reduce the petrol. I  knew it will make no difference, still had no option.

Packing was almost done and there was fluid leaking from the bottom of the bike, soon it started pouring and heavy smoke. We had to unpack and kill the engine. First I thought these guys has opened the engine oil screw trying to drain the petrol. Then on inspecting, it seems like the coolant had started boiling with no air circulation after packing.

It was close to 11:30 pm and we took the bike in for parcel. On the way, were stopped, checked for petrol and were sent back by the security guard as the tank had petrol in it. By the time we were back, the packing guys had left the place, leaving just me and Vinod to fend for ourself. By this time, the train was already late by 8 hours, giving us time.

Day# 10: 27th November, 2017 (Monday)

We were scavenging around to find something to drain the petrol. Saw some discarded electric heater pads near a bin.

Slowly removed the inner core from the outer sleeve. This made a narrow pipe through which you can suck the petrol, it may be about 1-2 mm in diameter. The wire was not long enough to keep drawing the petrol once the flow started (siphon effect). This means the petrol has to be sucked out manually.

Next tool in the arsenal was an empty plastic brandy bottle. Had to leave the end of the pipe (wire) in to the brandy bottle, then suck from the bottle, so that the petrol will flow in to the bottle and need not hold it in my mouth. After several iterations, improvising, we were able to draw about 2 liter petrol from the tank. The tank still has some petrol left, which we were not able to access using this wire technique, then Vinod used a bamboo stick to push in the cloth that came with the heater pad, this will absorb the petrol and we had to pour it out. During this process, a wax like lining on the cloth started to crumble and mixed with petrol in the tank. With which I cannot start the engine again without cleaning he tank. Finally at around 2:30 am we were able to clear the petrol and made it in to the parcel section.

This time the security guard had changed and this guy did not even check the petrol in the bike.

When we thought everything is set and we can get the job done, there was a new trouble. Another show stopper. The parcel counter guy has also changed and the new one denied to book the parcel as the train was for 26th but we had come on 27th to book the parcel. He said he cannot change the date in the system and book the parcel. We had to come back on a later day with a new ticket to parcel. He was not even ready to listen to what had happened, but was just trying to find all reasons to not get the job done. It seemed to be a case of mistaken identity, he was saying I had come in a week before asking about the procedure to him and I don’t know what happened then.

Now all the doors were closed. After all the effort, drawing petrol with a wire using mouth, it was end of the road.

Then came a ray of light. Another guy gave one more suggestion. Asked me to cancel this ticket and book a new ticket for 27th, they can then book the parcel for another train. Walked from platform 16 to 1, went to the booking center. Told the reason to the lady there and she was not convinced that the date cannot be changed. Also the train is late by 8 hours, due to which parcel can still be booked. She advised us to reach out to the station master and ask for help.

The station superintendent was able to understand and wrote a note on the ticket to allow the parcel to be booked.

Came back to the parcel section, have to put up with this angry bird again. Told him that the Station SP had asked the parcel to be booked. He would not budge. Thankfully his supervisor was around, he also said the system cannot take an older date, he then called  the SP to explain the system problem and they cannot book the parcel. Again the doors were closing now much harder. It was very late, sleepy, hungry, cold, frustrated.

Another ray of hope, the supervisor found a back-up method with which they can book using another system to book the parcel. The only difference was, the supervisor wanted to find a solution, the other guy (Angry bird) wanted to find only the problem. Parcel charge was Rs. 3,333.

The booking guy asked us to be guided and have us drop the bike ourself in the platform. He really had something for us. Making it in to platform# 16, the porter said he will take the bike and I can leave the bike along with the ones already parked there. Still insisting, it was instructed, the porter said that is what they are for (no bribe given).

What was supposed to be a half an hour to one hour activity, took 5 hours and 45 min. Got everything done by 2:45 am. Walked past the closed shops from which I was curious of trying their food. We walked back to our room, which was about 15 min.

Had the dinner bought from Chandni Chowk, went to bed by 3:30 am, got up and reached airport at 8:30 am. Took leave from Vinod, definitely was of great help and support during the whole railway station episode.

Paid Rs. 200 to carry any check-in luggage, checked in about 13kg and had a hand luggage with me.

All went well and reached Namba Chennai and reached home by our trusted Ola, which was Rs. 195 where as Fast track was costing Rs. 450.

Definitely a ride to remember, will take at least a few more days to become sober from the trip. Places it took, people on the way, nice food rooted to the place, it was an explosion of experiences of all colors.

Last but not the least, big thanks to the sponsor for this ride, sold on OLX :D

Update: Got the bike from Egmore, Chennai Railway station on  29/11/2017 (Wednesday) morning. Got the bike out in 10 min. Late pick up charge was Rs. 53. Bike will be held for free up to 6 hours, from then, it is Rs. 10 per hour. Except that, no extras paid. Pleasant surprise and very happy.

Day 9: Planning the exit and Roaming in Delhi

<< Planned Unplanned Trip V Index
<< Deciding on the location and preparing for the trip
<< Day 1 & 2: Chennai to Hyderabad for Biryani and off to Aurangabad
<< Day 3: Exploring Ellora caves and change in plan
<< Day 4: Roaming in Indore and rest in Udaipur
<< Day 5: Roaming in Udaipur, pit-stop in Ajmer dharga, amazing street food and rest in Jaipur
<< Day 6 & 7: Roam in Jaipur, change in plan and left to Agra the next day
<< Day 8: Roaming in the magnificent Agra and leave to Delhi
>< Day 9: Plan to exit and roam in Delhi
>> Day 9 took me in to 10, with trouble parceling the bike by train and challenges at every turn. Best experience.

Day# 9: 26th November, 2017 (Sunday)

Plan for the day it to go around Delhi, before that make sure everything is in place to send the bike by luggage.

First things first, went to the railway station to understand the process. Brokers outside were asking for 6K to send the bike from Delhi to Chennai. Had to avoid them and go to the counter. Was asked to book a waiting ticket from the counter (online will not work). Get RC and insurance copy. The cost will be about Rs. 3000. Can come even one hour before the train and can send the bike in parcel. Train of Choice was Delhi to Pondycherry (Train# 22404), starting at 11:45 pm.

Waited to book the ticket, was let to book the ticket only after Tatkal booking was done, which started only at 11 am. There was no separate general queue and everyone has to wait. I did not see any logic in it. The train was already 5 hours late when we booked the ticket.

All this took until 12 noon. Then we went to Red fort parked  the bike and walked in to chandni chowk. Just one mess of a place, which will make sense only to trained eyes. Like a moden art, you look at it the way you can understand. We being hungry, food was in the radar. Had some Aalu paratha, lassi and a street dessert over loaded with saffron flavor. Then went to Red Fort. Again long queues to get the ticket, it is then we noticed that the tickets were also available online. Quickly booked the ticket online, got the QR code scanned and went in. This fort was just massive. One of the largest until now.

After Red fort, next stop was Humayun Tomb. Again an impressive structure, almost similar to the Taj, but not grandier like the Taj.

Next was Qutub Minar. It was 30km ride, we decided to go by the Metro. Qutub was impressive in its own way. The scale of this structure and the effort put in to keep it in shape during different time was just amazing. It was a real breath taking view from every angle.

We were done with Qutub minar by 5:30 pm, next was to pick up the bike. Went for shopping in Chandni Chowk, got lost in the Paratha wale street, came back to buy dinner (Veg) from here. Went to room, dropped everything and went to the railway station.

It was 9 pm,  the train was at 11:45 pm. Quiet on time. On the way we checked with some street food vendors (non-veg) on when they will close the shop, they said at 11pm. Wanted to come back to check their stuff once I am done with the bike.

Then the roller coaster ride of troubles started. If you are planning to pack your bike by train, few of these points may help you.