Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 2 and 3: Mahabalishwar | Chennai to Mumbai Solo bike ride

Day 1: Run-up and Chennai to Hubali

Battling strong wind and rain
Chandramoulishwar temple
Lake view with heavy rain

Day 2 and 3: Mahabalishwar

Rain never stopped
Sivaji statue a few feet away, hidden in fog

Day 4 and 5: Lonavala and Mumbai

Karla caves
View points
India Gate
Soup and dinner at the famous Bade miya shop + Firni

Day 5 - 8: Pune and work from Pune


Day 9 and 10: Hampi

Place that I underestimated. What I thought will a few hours is a city that will need a few days to see just a scratch of what it can offer. All photos included.

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