Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Set 3: 2300 km solo bike - Coorg Photos

Please click here if you are interested in reading the complete write-up. Warning, it is way too long :D

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Day 4 (29.Nov.2015, Sunday):

Bhagandeshwara Temple (en-route to Thala Kavery)

Thala Kavery Temple


Thala Kavery View point location

Thala Kavery view point

Abbey Falls

Way to Mandalpatti


Way to Mandalpatti

Way to Mandalpatti


Way to Mandalpatti (Had to return back half way)

Done and heading back home from Coorg. (Mysuru - Bangalore - Chennai)


Heading back home

Route covered: Click here for the route

The end :)


  1. 2300 km solo bike is really an awesome idea. I also planned these type of bikes tours with my friends but not long as compared to your tour. Hope you have fun there.

  2. It was lot of fun ;) Short or long, every travel is an experience.