Monday, December 29, 2014

Salman Kahn to campaign for Rajapaksa in Srilankan election

Read a news that Salman Kahn is going to campaign for Rajapaksa for the upcoming Srilankan president election (Jan 8th, 2015).

To Rajapaksa,

1. Does your country need a person from another country to convince your own people to vote for you?
2. What do you think Salman know about your people need?
3. If this works out, will you extend this trend and call up on Hollywood actors?

To Salman Kahn,

1. Are you serious?
2. Are you aware Srilankan Navy shoot down your fellow countrymen and how many of your country men are behind bars in Srilanka.
3. Are you aware if or if not Rajapaksa is clean from all the allegations stacked against him?

Actors do not have boundaries. If you are representing as an actor, you are on the right track. If you are not going to act, please think.

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