Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SOLVED: TP link router configration problem

TP link is my third Wifi router.

The first one was the trusted Netgear 150N router. It had a weird problem of being able to connect with only one device at a time. All devices will show as connected. But only one device will be able to access the internet. Also the speed seems to drop on Wi-fi. When I do a speed test, I get only 4 mbps from my 8 mbps line.

Second was a Cicso E1200 150N router. This was a refurbished router I bought from US. It has the risk element, and it proved to be a pure risk and gave up on me in about 3 - 4 months. The line-in stopped working. When I connect the router to the modem, the lights simple dont blink that there is a connection with the Modem. Being a refurbished one, it was not worth it running around getting it fixed sitting in India.

It was last week, about 5 days back, Cisco E1200 stopped working and I was connected through the Netgear router. It scared me yesterday by not letting me connect to the internet while I was still connected to the Wi-fi. I turned the Wi-fi off from all possible devices that can possibly have stolen  the connection. Still did not work, after numerous restart and testing, it started working. I cannot risk. It was about 6 pm and I decided to buy a new router and I needed it before I start my work the next day (At 4 pm). Ezone was an option, but not ready to pay more for what I can get less online.

Reviewed all possible router with in the budget and finally narrowed down to TP Link TL-WR740N. Made sense and the price of sub Rs. 900 was very attractive.

I ordered the product by 6:30 pm and got it delivered the next day (i.e, today) at 3:30 pm. These guys rock. It was shipped from Delhi.

Unboxed the router, set-up the wire connections and inserted the CD for installation. This is the small CD, not the regular size one. My laptop for some reason, would not recognize the CD :(

Made several attempts keeping the laptop in all possible angles for it to recognize the CD, still it wont. The cursor icon will have the CD load icon for a second and it will go off.

Tried connecting to the router through http://tplinklogin.net, this link was not connecting to the router. Also tried Did not help.

This is how I solved this problem.

I went to TP link website and downloaded the quick set-up package. Make sure you find the router version number before you download this package. Now you need not have the CD, you can directly run the set-up and it is all taken care.

Sometimes, you need to go online to be connected online.

Image courtesy of atibodyphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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