Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clean India (Swachh Bharat) - Nagari, Andhra Pradesh

I want to document this trek we had also having a social cause behind it.

Nagari is a the Chittore District, about 100 km WNW of Chennai. The mountain range we chose for this trek has a Shiva temple on the top and frequently visited by pilgrimages. Now you know why we need to add this social cause to this. With pilgrimage, unattended forest area, comes the menace of open dump yard.

We were shocked to see the place. In few spots, the garbage had even changed the flow of the river. We took things in our own hands (With gloves ;) ) Murali took on the duty of documenting with his lens.

We were prepared to clean-up the place. We took with us the garbage bags and gloves. We set on a mission to leave the place clean for people who come after us. People who came before us did not have it in their agenda.

We did our best to clean-up the area. It was too huge a task for us. The garbage was mostly food packaging, styrofoam plates, cloths, footwear.

Here is a before and a after picture from one location we cleaned-up,



We were just trekkers. We went to have fun. Why should we have to pick up garbage left over by others. We will even be fools in the eyes of others. We are not turned down by those who call it their privileged to use anywhere and everywhere as their dumping ground.

If I took all the effort on earth to bring food and plates to eat, I should be human enough to take back just the food package and the plates I got with me. That is the least. If each one can carry back their own trash, we need not be doing all this. Everyone can escape in to the wild and enjoy nature as it is. If we can only complain that the place is not clean, it is you and me who is responsible for it. If we do not start now we will never be a mature society who can be self disciplined to be able to take care of our needs.

It is my very humble request to carry back your trash if you are not able to drop it in a place where it will be attended to.

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Photo credits: Murali Sugumaran

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Salman Kahn to campaign for Rajapaksa in Srilankan election

Read a news that Salman Kahn is going to campaign for Rajapaksa for the upcoming Srilankan president election (Jan 8th, 2015).

To Rajapaksa,

1. Does your country need a person from another country to convince your own people to vote for you?
2. What do you think Salman know about your people need?
3. If this works out, will you extend this trend and call up on Hollywood actors?

To Salman Kahn,

1. Are you serious?
2. Are you aware Srilankan Navy shoot down your fellow countrymen and how many of your country men are behind bars in Srilanka.
3. Are you aware if or if not Rajapaksa is clean from all the allegations stacked against him?

Actors do not have boundaries. If you are representing as an actor, you are on the right track. If you are not going to act, please think.

Clean India will take two generations if we start now

I was very happy to see the much hyped Clean India movement (Swachh Bharat). It was long long before I had my own rules to keep the surroundings the way it was before I was in it.

I use to go out on lot of trekking. My first trek was when I was in my 7th standard and I still remember the group I went with, carried back a garbage bag to be disposed in the nearest village garbage pile, which will be attended to.

I was fortunate to have witnessed those guys who did show me there is a way to throw the trash, it was in to the trash bag and to the place it will be attended to. It is not in the place where we want. When I use to follow these basic principles, people only stop to laugh at me or few will go a step further and will ask me to throw them and not carry with me. There were trips I would have my pockets filled with trash.

It is beyond our consciousness that we miss to even realize we are throwing trash in the wrong place. Step one in this process is to realize we are throwing away trash in places it should not be thrown. Second is to make sure we throw it in the right place.

Here are few pictures from my Second Planned - Unplanned trip

This place was not a easy to reach place. There is trash even in this place in the middle of no where. I do not see how this can be solved by only driving the Clean India concept.

I see the possibility to have this solved is to have a strong Clean India marketing campaign. The Marketers will find ways to get in to the head. The next is important, there has to be enough and more dust bins, which people should be encouraged to use. Having a over flowing dustbin and not placed where it has to be will again defeat the purpose.

I truly wish that everyone can understand that we are here to use the resources for our living and we are going to leave it for generations to come. We are not the last ones to use them.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

PK (Peekay) please yaar

I wish PK had caught the old guy when he was running away with the chain. It would have been a happy ending than to have spent a 2.5 hours or story telling to have it done.

PK is a pure Bollywood formula masala movie on a different (Yet tried and tested) concept.

Nothing new, except all the pieces were put together by the screenplay to make this masala movie.

I know I would have been the only guy in the whole theater who would have sat numb for all the humor and testing sentiment scenes where the director would expect the audience to pour our their empathy and create a bond with the audience.

Amir Khan had justified the role which had a very good scope for performance. The actress (I dont know her name) acting was seen that she was acting, in her expressions and during her reactions.

PK should have ran faster in the first place than to have go round round and round to find the chain (Remote) again :(

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chain and mobile snatching incident in Chennai

I had to write this after reading a report on NDTV today (22.Dec.2014),

There was an incident yesterday. It was about 8 pm, I was coming back from a movie. I took the CIT colony to reach back to the T.T.K Road. I was on the CIT colony second main road and took the left on Bishop Wallers Ave to join T.T.K Road, I saw a scuffle. Two bikes were down. Another two bikes had stopped to respond. There was a couple on one, the guy got down and started to threaten the two kids on the bike that was down. The pillion had taken off, the guy who was riding took off, then he came back to take the keys and crossed me when he was getting off. I was still on my bike, grabbed his collar. His collar slipped, held a string around his neck and the string gave away. The guy was saying it was not me, it was not me when he was running.

Watchmen from the buildings near by and other by-passers had stopped to see what was happening. With in seconds, it was all over.

The couple who were down were on their feet and the lady behind had slight bruises nothing serious.

The couple who had chased these guys were hit by these guys on their way before they took on this road. They were chasing these guys to have their ears filled. After taking this road, the guys were slowing near a girl on a mobile, but lost control over sand and fell down, taking the other couple along with them.

The girl was asked to leave.

We did not see these guys go on with their plan if they had any. They were still guilty of something which made them flee the place. Even if we had caught hold of them, I would be for asking them what happened than to go on a mob mentality and trash these guys.

I went back to the place where I was trying to grab the guy. The guy had dropped the keys in the commotion. I opened the utility box and found the RC in a name if a guy in T.nagar, not resembling any of the two guys and the insurance was last renewed in January/2011.

Assumption: The bike was a stolen bike.

When the incident was unfolding, if everyone had jumped in, we could have nabbed those guys. I see the same kind of a break they say in the Social networking space. 1 - 9 - 90. One percent are active participants, 9% keep the active participant active by sharing, writing comments, etc. 90% only are mere observers. The whole network will be running by this 1% people.
The same happened. There was this guy who was chasing this guy. We two had stopped to back this guy. Others were only waiting for a story to unfold right in front of their eyes and to keep away.

The scene changed even more when we were waiting for the police to arrive. The watchmen, one ofter the other were backing off and asking asking each other to leave. The couple who were taken down by the boys also wanted to leave before  the police could come.

I had no business, but wanted to be with this couple who were waiting for the police. I did not want them to stop helping in these situations seeing everyone around have better work than what they are doing out of the way. Even they were not able to take the long waiting period. The other biker was also standing with us.

The police had come. We explained what had happened. Handed over the bike keys and the documents, they took the bike to the station. No other formalities. We left the place.

IMO there were two things that could have made this incident better.

Support from general public: One cannot handle a situation like this. If people group, they can stop these from happening. The weapon these guys carry if not a weapon, it is the fear they impart on you. One cannot over throw the fear in most cases, a group can over power the fear factor and make it work against the offender.

I was very disturbed  by one such incident when I was in my 9th. There was a chain snatch at a gun point. This happened in Music academy signal (Very close to this current spot). These spots are close to the Ex-CM's house, not too far away from another Ex-CM's house.

No one helped the lady. She was down, after the guys fled on the bike, people were back to business, surrounded to see how the lady was crying. Very few came forward to help her. We took her to a near by phone booth (No mobile phoned those days), called her husband, gave her water and went away. I was carrying my Scout's dagger with me to school for months after that incident. I hated all those guys who were just there like baked potatoes when this was happening right in front of their eyes.

People can over power the fear factor. If two can stop 10 or 20 ppl, can those 10 or 20 cannot stop the 2. It is a mind game.

The same spectators if in the middle of the scene will turn back at the audience and ask the same question, why people standing around me did not help me. 

Support from Police: Police have to educate and create a fear free environment in reporting these crimes. Only if these incidents are reported, it will reveal the true picture and volume of these crimes. Those people who were going away knowing police are on their way are not offenders, they were only taking themselves away from not being tangled in any complication this may lead to. Credits to all those Police men who are not on the good side and to movie/media for projecting and magnifying only such police behaviour.

Is there a fix??? Can I do anything better being what I am???

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Best dip/dressing in less than 2 minutes to go with Chips and Salad

I first made this lip smacking mix when I was high in deep meditation state out of the wisdom that guided me to come up with this combination. Not one had denied this is a divine dip for chips or salad.

Ingredients needed:

1. Curd or Yogurt - One cup
2. Vatha kuzhambu or Tomatoe or Garlic or Ginger or Green Chilli or Red Chilli Indian pickle - 1 table spoon
3. Coriander powder - 1/4 tea spoon
4. Cumin powder - 1/4 tea spoon
5. Salt to taste
6. Coriander (Cilantro) leaves  as desired (Optional)


1. In a mixing bowl transfer the curd. Using a fork or a beater prepare the curd until it is consistent.
2. Now add the Vatha kuzhambu or the pickel of your desire to curd and beat it using fork or beater.
3. Add Cumin powder and Coriander powder to this mix and beat it as well.
4. Add salt as desired.
5. You can add in coriander (Cilantro) leaves.

You are all set.

You can now dip in your chips or your favorite salad and you are all set.

Image courtesy of Keerati at

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Camera Sensor dust types and cleaning learned the hard way (With detailed pictures)

After my second planned unplanned trip I was retouching the photos. It was when I found multiple dust particles on the sensor. I used the clone tool on Lightroom to remove a few, but few were annoying.

Inage with sensor dust visible.

Took on youtube to learn how to clean Dust particles from the sensor. I was convinced by the wet method. To use cleaning liquid and swab to remove dust. If you first want to identify which dust you are dealing with, check this article.

Now it is my well trusted ebay to buy the cleaning kit. I bought the cleaning kit from Canon and the seller also added the lenspen along with it for Rs. 599. It was a good deal, as other sellers had just the Canon cleaning around the same price rage.

I was patiently waiting for the kit to arrive.

I got the kit in my hands. I was all exited to rip open the package and get the dust off :)

I tore in to the other plastic casing, the cleaning swab slipped and dropped on  the floor :( It was not a covered box inside. I removed all the other items the same way out. The sensor cleaning swab is the star of the show and he was already eating dirt :(

Swab used to clean camera sensor

First I started with the rocket blower to clear the dust from the shutter mirror. This is the dust you can see from the view finder, but not visible on the pictures. These dust are not damaging, but annoying when you are taking a picture. You give your camera to someone, it is the first thing they will notice when they put the view finder to the eye.

Canon sensor and lens cleaning kit, with ricket blower, brush, tissue papers and cleaning swabs

The rocket blower did its job. The view finder dust was gone :)

Now to the sensor. I had set the camera to manual cleaning mode to lock up the shutter mirror. I was staring the devil in the eye.

It was time to call for the hero, lens cleaning swab. The kit also had the cleaning liquid. IMO it is to be used to make the swab slide over the sensor and not to leave any scratch mark on it. In every instruction video they had asked to use 2 drops on one side of the swab and leave the other side dry. This liquid container had a spray nozzle. One press, the whole swab was not drenched with cleaning liquid. All is well, let me not waste time and make more dust get to the sensor or on to the swab itself, as this swab should be used only once. One run with the wet side, another with the dry side and it is done.

Did the same and took a test shot. Heart attack. I am seeing more dust.

Test image with visible sensor dust
I missed an important part in this process. I should have used the rocket blower to clean the sensor and the cavity first. I called in the super hero too early.

Now my swab was used, there was more dust. I was getting impatient. I took a risk. Let me do it again, now the right way.

I stared with the rocket blower. Took a test shot, I saw some dust particles gone. Now was the time for the swab. I can damage the sensor and have a brick around my neck if this goes wrong. Did the wet run and the dry run. Took a test shot.

Yaay, the swab did not add any new dust. :)

WHAT!, it was not removing the dust, it was moving the dust around and the cleaning liquid was leaving its mark on the sensor. Knowing the swab was not adding new dust particles and the dust were not fixed to the sensor. I did this whole process again and again and again. No success.

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

I then also tried the lens pen to clean, it was a scary experience, it was leaving carbon particles on the sensor. I again had to use rocket blower, swab to push them around. It was getting too much.  It was time to call the experts.

I took the camera to the authorized service center. I asked them if they will clean the sensor. They said yes and took the camera in. After about 5 min, the same guy came out with the camera. I was all exited to hear the good news. He said the flash was not popping up :( I removed the hot shoe protector and the flash was popping up.

He went in again. I very patiently waited for 10 minutes. This guy came out again and said Sensor can be cleaned. This is what he told 15 minutes back. I asked him to do it. He said they cannot just clean the sensor, they would have to dismantle the camera, clean the body and then have to clean the sensor. It will cost Rs. 3,000 :(

I was not up for it.

I called Murali (One of my mentor) advised me to check the street behind Devi theater where he had seen camera shops. There I went to Enango Digital camera service center (Wallajah road). The lady there said she can help and took a dry swab. She repeated the process for 8 - 10 times and the roughest dust were out. I was still seeing minor dust. This was manageable than what it was before. I was happy :) I asked her for the cost. She said they do not charge for all this. That was sweet.

Now the sensor was not that bad. Very few dust particles and they were not noticeable on most of the pictures. If you are looking close, there they were.

The devil inside me pushed me to clean the rest of the dust. This time I did not want to try the swab. I wanted to try something soft, good absorbing power, less loose fibers. I went on to a used Baniyan :) Yes I did.

It was a wonder product :D. It did remove most of the dust. Did not leave behind the lens cleaning liquid trace. I used the swab for the wet run and the banyan cloth for the dry run. It was almost there, but not there yet.

Not convinced with the wet option, I was turned towards the stamp option. This seems logical. No liquid mess. No rubbing business, no scratches. It sticks the dust and removes it.

I find lead me to a product in China which comes with a stamp and a strip of cleaning paper which will take back the dust from the stamp. The strips of paper was limited. Another was a Korean product, Matin (M - 6361). This has two stamps, one was narrow for edges which the larger stamp may miss.

It was costing Rs. 1,500 - Rs. 1,800 on most of the sites. After a long and a patient search, I landed on This same product was on sale, it was Rs. 900. That was a deal. Need not spend Rs. 3,000 to the service center if Matin will work.

Matin comes with a mini pad that will take the dust from the stamp. The mini pad can be cleaned with water can can be reused. It can last up to 2 years (With user reviewed I read).

The product arrived. I was not rushing this time. I lest it aside and went on with my work for the day. When I had time took on the task. Used the rocket blower to start with and then a couple of stamps with the larger stamp, carefully did the corners with the smaller stamp. Viola!!

Before Matin:

Test image with visible sensor dust and traces of sensor cleaning liquid

After Matin:

Test image showing a clean sensor. Cleaned using Matin (M 6361)

I was soo happy. Not a single spot of dust. Even if I may not use this product and it will be lying on the shelf, it took away the worry I had.

I initially thought the sensor is what we are cleaning. It is not the sensor, but the protective layer on top of the sensor. If it was not a rugged substance, it would have been spoilt with hundreds of attempts I had made. Indeed, Canon is built line a tank.

How to identify and clean different type of camera dust (Sensor, Viewfinder and Lens)

There are three ways dust can hinder your photography.

How to identify  which dust you are dealing with:

 1. Dust on the shutter mirror or view finder: You can see this dust when you are viewing through your view finder and not on you pictures.

View finder: Yes
Pictures: No

2. Dust on the lens: You can see this dust when you are composing using the view finder and also on the pictures.

View finder: Yes
Pictures: Yes

3. Dust on the sensor: You cannot see this dust when you are composing, you can only see this on the pictures.

View finder: No
Pictures: Yes

How to fix these camera dust:

 1. Dust on viewfinder: The dust can be on your shutter mirror or on the view finder mirror or prism. This dust do not spoil your picture. This is more of a nuisance when you are composing a shot. You can remove this on most cases using a Rocket blower or using a dry swab. Very important: You should not put your camera on sensor cleaning mode when you are handling just this dust.

2. Dust on your lens. This dust can be seen when you are composing and also on your pictures. If the dust is on the external elements, you can use a lenspen to remove it. It does the job pretty well. if the dust is inside the Lens body. This has to go to the service center. Not advisable to open the lens body (I may advise after I have taken a chance with it ;) )

3. This is the trouble maker, dust on the sensor itself. You cannot see this dust on your pictures but not when you put your eye to the view finder.

Here is how you will make sure you do not have any dust on the sensor. Set your camera to Manual mode or to Aperture priority mode. Set the Aperture to the maximum aperture available on your lens. Set your ISO to the lowest value, so that you are not dealing with noise during this process.

Point your camera on a plain white wall or ceiling or a blue sky. I prefer a plain wall for this. Now you can have your metering + or - 1, this should be alright. You need to be exposing more than a few seconds. Around 5 seconds you can get, that will be perfect.

Set your focus to manual so that the lens is not hunting for focus on a plain surface. Of you can enable AF-off (SHort cut key) if you have it handy.

When you hit the shutter button, keep swaying the camera around the same surface, so that you are not capturing the imperfections on the surface if any. The final image will show you if it had dust on the sensor.

You can focus on your camera to check for images, or move the image to the computer. Push the white and black on light room to identify the dust.

Here are few pictures with dust on it.

Sample picture which shows dust particle on camera sensor

Sample picture which shows dust particle on camera sensor

Here is my experience with sensor dust and tips on how to clean sensor dust. The way that worked for me.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wearing a helmet? Buckle up please

If you are not wearing a helmet while on your motorbike, the you need to wear a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet and not buckled up, you need to buckle up.

This incident happened some 4 years back. We were on a night out. We start from home after 9 or 10 pm, roam the length and breath of the city from Porur to ECR to Velachery to T. Nagar. We end this by 4 or 5 am and return back home.

It was on one of the night out we parked the car we were in, just before the ECR toll plaza. We had parked the car on the side perpendicular to the road. There was another Scoda parked in the same fashion some 5 - 10 meters away from us. We were standing outside the car and were talking. The guys on the Scoda were starting, they were backing slowly to get on the road. While they were backing, we heard a bang. A biker was flying past us, his helmet before him. He landed few meters away from us, helmet no where to be seen. We were the only people there when this happened. We went running to check the guy, I lifted him to see if he was alright. Blood was dripping from his face. The guys from Scoda had again parked in the same spot and came to check this guy.

The toll plaza was another 50 meters away. I went running to the Toll plaza as there was an ambulance parked there for any emergency call. The ambulance guy was quick and had taken the biker to the hospital.

The biker was drunk, part of the problem. He still could have made it if he had his helmet buckled up the right way. We were asking for some number he can remember as we were not able to find his mobile phone. We were not able to make sense of any number what he said as his jaw was injured and oozing blood.

It is not enough to just wear an helmet without buckling up. You will never know when it is going to save you. I was saved more then once as I always wear a helmet. Here was one such incident.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Beagle eating grass

This is Banjo eating grass. He does this once a week or once every two weeks. He would not take his regular food, or would take it less. He will ask to go to the terrace and would eat the grass and Tulsi he can find in the pots.

Here is a video of Banjo hiding his treat,

Here are few pictures of Banjo,

Beagle hiding his treat

We have a Beagle at home. His name is Banjo (Named after a musical instrument). He has this habit of hiding his treats. He likes to hide it in plant pots we have on the terrace, or weird he tries to hide it in open floor and acts like he is pushing mud to cover it up. This was one such day,

Here is a video of Beagle eating Grass,

Here are few pictures of Banjo,

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fitting a tubeless tyre? Tips to avoid being cheated

After my recent trip I realized the necessity for a tubeless tyre.

I took the rim to have it fitted with the tubeless tyre. Got the tyre from a authorized dealer. Everything went fine until they were checking for leakage from the joint. It did.

These guys wanted me to go in for some fix on the rim that will take one hour and will cost Rs. 250. I was not sold. I asked them to flatten the tyre again, rotate the tyre on the rim and refill.

Now there was no leakage. This is a frequent way these tyre shops are using to cheat and make extra money. These are authorized dealers. This is the second time happening to me but a different dealer, I sensed a pattern and thought will share if it can help someone someday.

Image courtesy of vectorolie at

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4: Valparai - Athirapally - Coimbatore flat tyre Bike Ride

Got up at 2:30 am. Had a hangover, turned off the alarm set for 5 and went back to bed. I cannot go around with a hangover.

Got up at 8:10. Same tea shop. Came back to the room, was feeling lazy, very little to do for  the day. Cover the places on the way to Pollachi. Reach Coimbatore and sit ideal.


Change in plan. I cannot waste a day. I cannot go easy on me ;)

Decided not to go back to Pollachi, instead go the other way. To check Athirapally water falls. This was on the list, but did not want to risk travelling 84KM. Have a whole day, why not take the risk ;)

Got my energy back. Fixed to jump out at 9. Made it out by 9. Vacated the room. The guy in the reception warned me about wild animals on the way. Yea, would like to take good photos with them in :D

Started and this was the way crossing Solaiyar Dam. This will take me in to Kerala.

Sollaiyar dam full view from the bottom

The road was all good until I crossed Tamil Nadu border. Then the same problem, the road was horrible. Reached the Kerala side of the check post. They gave me a slip to handover at the other side check-post.

It was a very tough ride. Then the road was getting better.

Way to Athirapally from Valparai

 Did spot some wild animal activity on the route. But was not fortunate to see any :(

Animal dung on the way from Valparai to Athirapally

Animal dung on the way from Valparai to Athirapally

Animal dung on the way from Valparai to Athirapally

Few more pictures on the way, Charpa falls. All the while all alone.

Charpa falls near Athirapally waterfalls

Man carrying a bunch of bamboo trees

Troy, there you go. A picture of me in it. 
 Way to Athirapally with biker pointing the direction

Not the best shirt on (First comment after wearing this shirt). Still cannot give up on this shirt, better than a Donald Duck formals :D

Next stop was a Vazhachal. This was 6 km before Athirapally. Right before this was the check-post where the slip had to be given to mark the passage. It was a long ride.

Vazhachal waterfalls entry

Monkey in Vazhachal waterfalls

Vazhachal waterfalls

Vazhachal waterfalls

Now to the Athirapally water falls, which became famous after Punnagai mannan.

To the top of the falls was a decent want, to the bottom took more effort ;)

From  the top of the water falls.

Athirapally waterfalls top view
Athirapally waterfalls top view

Here was the view from the bottom of  the falls. It was majestic. Tried different exposure to change the texture of the water.

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls

Athirapally waterfalls view from the base of the waterfalls 

View from the base of Athirapally waterfalls

All 84km was worth it to be standing here.

It was about 3 pm and I did not have anything to eat the whole day. Athirally excitement was over and other priorities kicked in.

Need to eat something. Need to make it to Coimbatore by 8 pm to put my bike back in to the train. My train was at 10:40 pm.

Found a lonely road side shop. Selection criteria met ;). You can see the smoke.

Settled for lunch.

Road side eatery on the way from Athirapally to Chalakudy

It was a long way to Coimbatore. Had to cross Chalakkudy, Trissur, Palakad to reach Coimbatore. This a longer route than to go via Valparai - Pollachi. Still did not want to risk the gravel road and night time ghat ride when I need to make it to the train on time.

Did things go all well.. Well..

All was well until Trissur. No complaints. After 4 days of riding, left shoulder started to pain. Stopped to spray some pain relief spray. Saw a white board version of the Tamil Nadu Green board shop :D in Trissur. Was tempted to taste some organic health drink. Just had a glass to wet my taste buds.

Now the fun part began :)

After Trissur, the road was under construction. This is the NH47. To make things worst. The tyre was again loosing pressure :)

Checked pressure on the first petrol bunk I can ride in to. The pressure was 24 psi :( Filled it till 35 PSI and was all frustrated. It was a Sunday, no way I can find a puncture shop.

After 30km, checked again, it was 27 psi. All this on my way to end this trip. Time was running out. It was dark already. One good news it, the pressure was loosing slowly.

I decided to check pressure in every fourth pertol bunk I can find. The road was till very bad. Horrible.

In the third petrol bunk, the count was 22psi.

The last check was a petrol bunk 30 km before Coimbatore and the pressure was 35 psi. WHAT!!

Only assumption I can make was, the problem could have been with the tube mouth. Again, I assume it got fixed by itself  the last time I checked the pressure.

The same feel. The same bike, the same ride. It was better. Was able to appreciate the ride and the comfort. Did not even think of the bank pain.

It was a 167 km ride from Athirally to Coimbatore. If I had not landed in this problem with the tyre, the ride would have been just another one and I would have had other things to complain. With the tyre problem in, all other seemed to be nothing. If it was not for the tyre problem, I would have been cribbing about the road or the dust or our ruthless high beam riders. All these went unnoticed as there was something bigger to cover them all. Life time lesson.

Reached Coimbatore railway station parcel section sharp at 7:58 pm. On time.

Got the bike packed. Here the deal was, Rs. 400 to have the bike packed and I would pay for the railway charge. Fare enough.

Preparing the bike for parcel in the train
Bags and riding gear took with me for the travel

But this time the railway charge ripped me off.

The charge was not Rs. 350 this time. It was Rs. 935 :(

In total paid more for the return than the onwards journey. The good news is, the additional amount I spent was only Rs.400. if it was Chennai, they would have ripped me of another Rs. 800 or Rs. 900.

All came to an end.

Went out. Had dinner. Got some chips for home. Got on the train, stretched and laid as a log.

Reached Chennai on time. The offloading and gate pass was Rs. 200 here (Coimbatore was Rs. 100).

Bike unloaded in Chennai central railway station

Made this year trip larger than last years. Added bike to the equation and photography gave me company all the while.

In total travelled 704km for those 4 days. Could not have packed all the places I went to, if I had not been on my bike. It made this years trip larger than last year. First time tried landscape. It would not have been possible without the 18-55 lens Ramesh lended me.

I was happy to get lost. Nothing planned to do next, but hundred things possibly I can do next. All will flow in to place as time passes. Traveling alone lets you explore places and try things not possible when traveling with others. You stop when someone else might push you and you push when someone else might stop you.

Most importantly. It lets you explore yourself and know you a little better than what you had :)

Before Day 4

Run up for the trip:
With all the if's and but's. Finally it was set. Time to get lost.

Day one - November 27th, 2014:
Chennai to Coimbatore. Boy o boy. Bike on train. Off to a cool spot for the night.

Day two - November 28th, 2014 (1/2 ):
Cool spot to a picture perfect lake. Done here. Next what?

Day two - November 28th, 2014 (2/2):
Crazy night ride with show stoppers. Made it. Finally :)

Day three - November 29th, 2014 (1/3):
Went as per plan.

Day three - November 29th, 2014 (2/3):
Did not go as per plan. All was for good ;)

Day three - November 29th, 2014 (3/3):
Picture perfect river side for sunset