Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When an ICICI Assistant Manager applied for Software testing trainee

For a long time now we had not filled the vacant position for a Software Tester in our office. Just two weeks back we had decided we need to fill that vacant position. I was on the man hunt and spread the word to different Software testing training institutes so that we can get someone fresh with little bit of exposure to testing and it will be easy for us to mold.

The First to respond was STC, they had forwarded 18 resumes to me. The First level of interview was telephonic, and I was looking only for their communication skill. Out of 18 candidates we shortlisted 2 candidates. One was Banu and the other was Mohan. I was very confident on their communication.

The interview was fixed on 16/9/2009 at 10:00 am.

It was bang 10:00 am, and I heard both entering the office. I welcomed them, and made them wait for my Manager to arrive. In the mean time my MD had come to office. He wanted to meet the candidates first and asked me who came in first. I said "both came together". He said, "ladies first, ask the lady to come in". I sent Banu inside for the interview. It was almost 20 min, and my MD sent me a SMS asking me to conduct a written test for the candidates. I started to prepare the questions for the test. And there was a call from my MD, he asked me to come to his room.

I went in, and saw Banu working on my MD's Mac. She was seeing our companies website. I was puzzled. My Md, said the candidates should have looked in to the company site before coming in for an interview, and asked me to allocate a system for the other gentleman so that he can have a general idea before he goes in for his turn.

I came out, sat next to the other guy.

I asked him "Did u look in to our website?".

He said "No". The answer was very casual.

I continued asking "So do you have a general idea on what we are working on?"

He said "No, I did not have any time to look in to it. I was busy at work yesterday".

What??, he is already working for a company and has come here for a fresher interview. But these things are not mentioned in his resume. It just says he has completed BE in 2008. Also the answer was very casual. I thought he has not taken this opportunity serious if he is looking for a change over.

I asked him "So you are working now? Which company are you working in?"

He said " I am working in ICICI bank as a Assistant Manager"
WHAT?????, he has just completed B.E. and he is already placed as a Assistant manager in ICICI Bank. So why is he here. Has someone given a wrong job profile regarding this vacancy

I continued "How long are you working with ICICI?"

He said "I am working for the past one year, before that I was working for ICICI"
What the hell, he completed his BE, worked for ICICI and he is a Assistant manager in ICICI and he is looking for a Tester - Trainee job

I asked him, " But you have not mentioned these things in your resume, is there any reason?"

He was puzzled now, he bent forward and said "I did not send you my resume?"
Something Fishy... I asked him, "So, why did you come for this interview?"

He said "I am Banu's brother, I have accompanied her for the interview."

OMG, all this while I was thinking this guy was Mohan the other interview candidate. It was a big bulb for me :)

I was confused, and called Mohan. And he was still on his way and asked for another half'n hour. Already it was 10:40 am.

Finally, the day went on fine, and Mohan was selected for the position.

It was a very funny incident, and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

And thank god, I did not tell my MD that the gentleman came first for the interview. Else I would have sent him to meet my MD for his interview ;)

And my MD would have got something to write in his blog ;)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegetable names from English to Telugu (తెలుగు)

I created this list from various sources to help people to identify their favorite vegetables and enjoy the vegetables that get from various parts of this world. Language should not stop you from tasting your favorite vegetables.

I am compiling this list from various sources. Please feel free to let me know any changes/corrections needed. I am trying my best to source the names in native Telugu (తెలుగు) language. Please help me with the names in the comment section if possible.

Click here for complete list of fish names from English to Telugu (తెలుగు)

Click here for complete list of vegetable names from English to Telugu (తెలుగు)

English Telugu (తెలుగు)
Amaranth Thotakura (తోటకూర)
Apple Gourd Tinda (తిండ)
Ash Gourd Budida Gummadi (బూడిద గుమ్మడి)
Bittergourd Kakarakaya (కాకర కాయ)
Bottlegourd Anapakaya (ఆనపకాయ)
Sorakaya (సొరకాయ)
Brinjal Vankaya (వంకాయ)
Broad Beans Chikkudu kayalu (చిక్కుడు కాయలు)
Cabbage Cabbage (కేబ్బాజి)
Capsicum Simla Mirchi (సిమ్ల మిర్చి
Bangalore Mirapakaya
(బెంగుళూరు మిరపకాయ)
Cauliflower Cauliflower (కౌలిఫ్లవర్)
Gobhi puvvu (గోభి పువ్వు)
Chow Chow Bengaluru Vankaaya
(బెంగలూరు వంకాయ)
Citron Dabbakaya (దబ్బకాయ)
Cluster Beans Goru Chikkullu
(గోరు చిక్కుడు కాయ)
Colocasia Chemadumpa (చేమదుంప)
Coriander Leaves Kothimeera (కొతిమీర)
Corn Mokka Jonna (మొక్క జొన్న)
Cranberry Vakkaya (వాక్కాయ)
Cucumber Dosakaya (దోసకాయ)
Drum Stick Mulakkaya (ములక్కాయ)
Fenugreek Menthi Kura (మెంతి కూర)
French Beans Beans (బీన్స్)
Gherkin Dondakaya (దొండకాయ)
Green Chilli Pachchi Mirapakaya
(పచ్చి మిరపకాయ)
Green Peas Pachchi Batanilu (పచ్చి బటనిలు)
Lady’s Finger Bhenda kaya (బెండ కాయ)
Malabar Spinach Bachchali (బచ్చలి)
Mint Leaves Pudina (పుదినా)
Mushrooms Putta godugulu (పుట్ట గొడుగులు)
Onion Vullipaya (ఉల్లిపాయ)
Pointed Gourd Parwal, Potals (పరవళ్, పోతల్స్)
Potato Bangala dumpa ((బంగాళా దుంప)
Alu (ఆలు)
Pumpkin Gummadi kaya (గుమ్మడి కాయ)
Radish Mullangi (ముల్లంగి)
Raw Banana Aarati kaya (ఆరటి కాయ)
Ridgegourd Beerakaya (బీరకాయ)
Silk Squash Neti Beerakaya (నేతి బీరకాయ) 
Snakegourd Potlakaya (పొట్లకాయ)
Sorrel Leaves Gongura (గోంగూర)
Spinach Paala kura (పాల కూర)
Spring Onions Ulli Kadalu (ఉల్లి కాడలు)
Sweet potato Chilakada Dumpa (చిలకడ దుంప)
Tomato Rama Mulakkaya (రామ ములక్కాయ)
Tomato (టొమాటో)
Topiaco Karra Pendalam (కర్ర పెండలం)
Turnip Knolkol, Shalgam (నూల్ఖోల్, శాల్గం)
Yam Kanda (కంద)

It is a lie that Fatty fishes are unhealthy. Health benefits of eating Fatty fish

I would like to hear from you if this list did help you in what you are looking for and if you have any suggestions to make this list even better.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BSNL Broadband connection

Thanks to some political problem between Hathway and SCV, Hathway cables and amplifiers are damaged enough by SCV personals to the extent Hathway cannot resume their service in 4 areas in chennai for another 4 months (This is as per Hathway).

I was a loyal customer for Hathway. But now I had no option but to move on. Out of my search, i zeroed out on a Home 500 plan offered by BSLN.

I know the pros and cons of going in for BSNL. Customer service is something which is a big question mark.

I requested for the connection online,

on Thursday (16/7/2009) and my followup started from the second day and i was told the connection will be given within 14 days. The username and password ie my account was created on Monday (20/7/2009). I was waiting for the Modem to be installed on Tuesday, but did not happen. And I was surprised when my mom called me on Wednesday (22/7/2009) and said they have got the Modem for installation. And my mom said the installation guy from the BSNL wants to talk to me regarding new line he has to lay to get the connection to my room which is less than 10 meter away from where my telephone is.

He said, he has to but wires and new splitter box to get the connection to my computer, and this is not covered under BSNL installation. He has to do it by himself and he is ready to offer the service (Note: The service is in the same working hour, he is paid by BSNL). He said he needs to buy 60 meters of wire (Think he was planning to run cables all around my house) and said he needs Rs.10 per meter. And Labor would cost another Rs.200.

I knew he needs to make some extra money. Just these few guys bring bad name to the entire group they belong to. But i have no option, I need to get it done. I cannot go in for a confrontation.

I offered him Rs.500 to complete the work. He was not for sale at that amount. Then my manager said, its no big deal, let him keep everything there you can get it done, just get some wires.

I reached home, checked the devices left by him. And there was a unused line in another room. I removed the wire from that rooms junction box. and tried to bring it to the room where the computer is. It was falling short of almost 2 meters. :(

Now the BSNL pack came handy. It had 2 cables one from the main junction to the splitter and one from the splitter to the Modem.. Done deal.. :)

Wow, I saved Rs.800 and said NO to Uniformed robbery.

I cannot do anything more than to express myself here. Launching a complaint, tracking it, copping with the problems they will create back... These things are not for me. I can stay away from them... I still feel bad, the system has not given me the confidence to do what is right to bring these wrong doers out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Padikadhavan Review

Padikadhava starring Dhanush, Tamanna and all other serial actors in Sun TV. All the character introduction just felt that am sitting front of the TV watching a Serial. The movie was very good until 10 min before the interval, then the movie takes all kind of twists and turns which was not really up to the liking. Few dialogs did not miss to get the applause when Dhanush talks proud about him being uneducated. Vivek has done a good job. But this is not his best shot. His action reminded Vadivelu in many occasions.

This is another movie with hero pocessing super natural power, that he can make people air borne with his punches and kicks. Am still hoping the movie makers will make responsible movies one day. Which are very few now a days.

The movie is about Dhanush having a plan to Love and marry a educated girl since he is uneducated even when provided the best of opportunities. The girls father is a Don in Andhra who is staying away from that circle and staying in her Uncles house and Studying Aeronautical eng. She is spotted by the Opponent gang who attempt to kill her, but saved by her father gang. Later she returns with her father to Andhra. Now our hero along with Vivek, who pocesses him self to be a Rowdy(Comedian) make their way to Andhra to get back Dhanush's girl. After series of scenes the Heroines father accepts their marriage. But now Dhanush is being attacked in the railway station on his way back. After the investigation they find that Dhanush has killed a Gangsters brother in Tirunelvelli for which they are taking a revenge.

Now the heroines father asks Dhanush to solve the problem with the gangster either by talking his way through or to knock his off. Its climax, so no words, only action. As expected our Hero with all super natural power knockes him off and walks to clam his girl.

Nothing great in this movie to make it a must see, but if I have to compare it with Vullu, this movie is a percent better.

Rating - 1.5/5

Friday, January 16, 2009

Chennai Sangamam

WOW!!!! What can i say about Chennai Sangamam. Besant Nagar Beach(Elliots beach) was filled with human heads. It is a wonderful concept to bring all the art form to Chennai. It is the one stop for all the art form in Tamil Nadu(62 showcased in chennai Sangamam). And the Grand Finale was awesome. I was at the right time for the million dollar performance By Siva Mani. He really rocked. Continuous performance for more than an hour. The vib really picked up when other artist joint with him. And Parai was the highlight.

Love you Chennai.........

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Villu Review

Villu, did not have any big expectation after the music was released. Since most of the songs gave the same feel as that of Pokiri, and the others are gracefully from Telugu. so what better can I expect from the movie, it is going to be a Masala.

The movie started well, but not strong in screen play. The screen play had to take long brething gaps which is filled by Vadivelu's Comedy in the first half, and songs in the second half. And Nayantara all over the movie to add the Glamour element. The first Half was like watching Comedy time in K tv. No big development in the story. And the second half is Sun Music, with Mokkai's in between the songs. Prakash raj acting is good as usual, Pandu has 2 or 3 scenes for a descent comedy.

If you see the movie without the Comedy, Songs, Nayantara there is nothing left, except a very weak movie. The story is the same as in hundreds of other movies, where the son take revenge on people who brought bad name to his father. The same guys murdered his father. The death of his father is another comedy, where a case file is given to crack down the arms smuggling. Now our Heroes father goes to combat terrorist single handed, SINGLE MAN ARMY. See how carelessly he has planned to go alone. If he has taken few other trained men, his life would not have been lost, they could have stopped the arms smuggling right at the beginning. And this whole movie is not needed. Even now directors take logic for granted.

When compared with other Vijay's recent movies, Villu is far more better, atleast not scaring the audience away from the theater. Overall Villu is a Masalla Chicken, with too much Masala(Comedy, songs, glamour), but very little Chicken(Story, screenplay). Sure this movie will be a hit as per directors calculations.

Villu - 4/10

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Review from other sites

Behindwoods - With tacky production values, shabby cinematography and amateurish direction Villu comes across as a more than two-hour long torment that only less people deserve – those who have committed some unpardonable crime, perhaps.For all these reasons Villu, in all probability, could even tire out the loyal fans. Verdict – Not worth risking your patience! - At a time where audiences have started appreciating movies like Poo, Vaaranam Aayiram and Abhiyum Naanum, a script like Villu is really regressing by taking audiences back to the 80's where movies where based on exaggerated sentiments. Let's hope Vijay chooses better scripts in the years to come and gives us movies like Poove Unagagha, Kushi and Priyamanavale

Indiaglitz - The end product is far from impressive as it is a 'chaotic' cocktail of comedy, action and needless stunt sequences far from any logic. [3]

Sify - The director, however, is less concerned with the film's plot and the pre-climax portion lacks punch as the story goes limp. There are eye-rollingly stupid moments, which are pure slapstick comedy, in the film.[4]

Mine Coming soon ...............

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Real life incident: Gas (LPG) leakage at home

This year (2009) it was unusual me staying back in my home on the New Year Eve. I had my dinner @ 10pm and went to play Crusader in my PC. Before I could realize it was 2 am. So I went to sleep to start the day early that day.

I was still thinking in my mind that I need to wake early to pick up Shankar, who was coming from Hyderabad. This usually happens, that i would wake up at the time I have fixed in my mind (Could miss on few occasions due to sys malfunction). I got up at 7 am, and called Shankar and found that he came through Chennai Exp, which arrived @ 5:30 am, and is in his home. Even before I could hang up the call my mom came running, she was really in the panic mode.

She shouted out of fear, Hari come fast!!!. Her face said something was really wrong. I sprigged out of my bed, rushed in to the kitchen. My dad was holding on to the gas cylinder. I was confused. But I know some thing is wrong and my dad said that the valve in the Cylinder is not locking. He had tried to replace the regulator, and when he removed the regulator the gas started to leak out since the valve is not closing (It is the valve that closes the cylinder when it is kept alone). The gas was coming out in full pressure. Using his thumb he closed the outlet, still I was able to hear the gas escaping. So I asked him to take away his hand, same moment I took control. First I used my thumb, it was the same sound when the balloon flatten. So I asked him to pull the cylinder to get better control. Now I used my palm to seal it applying my body weight directly on it. It is now under control. But am not able to hold on to it.

IT WORKED............

Something needs to be done. Calling emergency number will take at least a minute, and to get help it would take several more. But am counting in seconds, am not able to hold on, still have to be confident to keep my parents ensured that everything is under control. But it was slipping away. I was able to think about Insulation tape, Plaster of Paris, Cement mixture from a near by construction site to seal it. But would do too little to manage this high pressure, what else can hold this high pressure?? The gas regulator, coz when the regulator is on, it would hold this same pressure. So I need to put the regulator back before anything could happen. Before my thought process is done my hand grabbed the regulator and fixed it and I turned it to Off mode.

THANK GOD...........

I dono what stopped me from going out that night. It is really unusual for me. Also the kitchen in my house shares the space with the Pooja Ghar. And it is my Fathers routine to light the Oil lamp there at 6 in the morning. But it did not happen that day since my Grand Mother had passed away the previous week, and we were observing mourning for 16 days.

After all this drama, I called the Gas company to send in help. The Phone is ringing and there is no answer. May be it is too early for a emergency or they might be closed for New Year day. Later my mom called them the next day, they have informed that they will collect the cylinder after it is used up and the pressure is released. This is what I call EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Still a great memory to hold and share, so  that it may help someone in a similar situation. Go for the gas regulator when you see a gas leakage through the gas valve.