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Do aliens exist? Why not in form we don't know yet?

Alien may be out of our mind, or can be for real. Alien research is going on for years but with no concrete step forward. Since the universe is vast and is out of reach for the humans for now, spotting alien life in it is like finding a needle in an ocean (Just kiddin, it is not so easy).

Now the problem in scanning the universe for a life form is the area which is involved. Just to scan our Milky Way galaxy which is 100,000 light years in diameter and Thickness 1,000 light years would be quiet impossible with today’s science. Because even if we have the most powerful telescope possible which can see through 100,000 light years in distance. It can see things which have happened before 100,000 light years only. Since the light reaching the telescope was started from its source 100,000 years back. So if we could see anything today, is not exactly what is happening there today. This brings another complication if the place scanned does really have a life form we would miss it if it is in existence within this 100,000 years. If these are the numbers we are talking just for the Galaxy we are in. The numbers will be astronomical in case we are scanning the whole universe. Another problem is the black holes since it would not let any light to pass through it. So we are loosing the entire source of the information.

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has begun tracing alien signals from 2007 using very powerful radio telescopes. This will function 365 days a year. Earlier the search tools were borrowed from other radio telescopes in US and in Australia hence was not able to dedicate entire time for this purpose.

What I think: Things around us are larger than what we can imagine. For a long time Humans were aware of only 3 – dimensions. Later realized that what happens around us is happening in a 3+1 dimension environment. Here time is another factor. But according to string theory there may be as much as 26 dimensions. So things just as close to us and around us mean totally different if we look in a different perspective.

A simple ball which we throw is traveling in 4 D. With the current science we can control the ball in 3D. But still we have not been able to control the 4th D(Time). So humans have not yet advanced in science. The technology and the knowledge we have is just a scratch from an ice berg.

We try to conclude all our understandings within the boundaries which we are aware of. For example Galileo Galilei was put in house arrest for proposing that the solar system is Sun centric and not earth centric, which was the accepted theory in 16th century.

The truth is away from our understanding. What I feel about alien is, Why cant alien be of a different form. Why should it have a structure? Why should it contain mass?

Why not an Alien be in form of a light? Why not an alien be in a form of a radio wave? Or let us not even confine to things what we know. Why not there is something with intelligence in some form which humans are still not aware of? Why not there be something other than mass, time, energy. Be it anything which we still don’t know.

But why don't we think outside of what we know. This will be like proposing the law of gravity to a person who is suspended in space with nothing around him for few thousand light years. What sense will he make out of Law of gravity when he does not even know what gravity is, or if it is Black or White.

Alien is just one thing I am able to think of where we might be pointing the wrong direction. Since the research is still premature with no hard evidence. But the science is exiting which we are trying to crack. Alien research needs more attention since what we are going to find does not end with the aliens. But it can bring a new definition to science.

This is something which I am still not able to solve/peruse for a long time. But was going around in my mind for a few years now.

Am open to any comment(s).


I got a call from my friend on Friday (19/12/2008) asking if would like to join for Silambattam on that Saturday. I was thrilled coz the songs were good.

The movie ritual started when we started off to Mayajal, reached Mayajal and found the impact of global financial crisis, when we started to sweat waiting near screen# 8 to open. May be cost cutting with the Air conditioning.

As usual the movie started with Simbu title as “LITTLE SUPER STAR”. The movie started with the Villian setting fire for the field. And the villagers come running for help, but very little can be done coz acres and acres of land were burning (Thanks to the eco friendly graphic effect). Next scene the temple Elephant (Valli) gets mad and begins to charge at people around. Now let us track the logical mistakes. Now our Movie hero Vichu (Simbu) sings a devotional song and Valli is calmed and goes to see Vichu inside the temple. (It is just like our Ramarajans “Pechi Pechi nee perumaiulla Pechi” song for the cows.) Is Vichus voice so loud that the elephant was able to hear it outside the temple. Or is Vichu having hearing problem he is not able to hear Vallis call. Now the characterization part, where they portrait Vichu as a very calm, innocent, Bhramin boy (Amanji, as said by the Heroine). He is raised by his grand father as a priest. Now it is obvious that there will be a girl in love with him and Vichu due to his innocence does not know about it. And the girl is Sana Khan (Has a very limited role in the movie and dress in the songs). Santhanam was expected to give a sensible comedy track, but the first comedy would really make you regret for coming to this movie. I better not tell abt that comedy (This is termed as fart jokes). After the comedy there is a series of scenes spent just on characterization and setting the images about the character. Few more scenes would not really make sense why they are in the movie.

Vichu is raised by his grand father and is taught to tolerate any mistakes happening around him. Now this is put to test when few guys speak loudly over mobile phone inside the temple premises disturbing others. The guy on the phone takes a higher tone to take advantage of Vichu’s innocence. Still Vichu tries to talk through the problem.

And the same gang, tries to misbehave with a washer man’s family and Vichu also gets in between the problem. And when the guys take advantage of the situation and try to Beat up Vichu, Vichu erupts. The camera and BGM were excellent. But the stunts are larger than life. There is one stunt scene when a guy pitches after the impact with the ground. And another scene when a guys pitches on the water surface when Vichu Kicks him across. OMG, the stunt director (Kannal Kannan) needs science tuition. Please don’t make another comedy scene for youtube like the one for Ballaya and TR. Please don’t put down the reputation of Tamil technicians.

Now Vichu is not able to believe he did such a thing and beat up 5 guys. And he asks the washer man not to talk about this to others. Let me not even talk about the love track. It is the same anyone would have seen in hundreds of movies. And the tragedy in Love track is the song sequence. There is no link between the scenes and the song backdrop. The scene will cut in a village backdrop. Next frame the heroine will be dancing with a mini skirt. It was difficult to identify the heroine in such low costume after seeing her in a traditional dress. Hopeless love sequence. And till now everyone were scratching their head for the story. Can someone please tell me what is the story about.

' Am really not able to write this review. The movie is totally out of track. Am still not able to accept the way Simbu has tried to imitate Billa. And ppl were shouting Ajith thala da, nee tharudhala da. Dono if Simbu is trying to cash on Ajiths fans like he is trying with Rajini's fans having his title as Little Super Star. '

------------- THE END -----------------

Friday, December 12, 2008

BCCI - Is it really our Indian cricket team ??????

This is some thing which I am not able to accept.

Is BCCI cricket team our National cricket team???
Should we have to take BCCI so personal???
Should we have to be so patriotic about a private cricket club??????

BCCI is a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. As a private club, BCCI or the state-level associations are not required to make their balance sheets public. It has no direct link with the Indian government. It just caries the brand name of India. With the status of the SO CALLED Indian cricket team, BCCI has a monopoly on the entire sporting arena in India. It just sucks the blood from all the other sports.

How many Indians would have got a chance to hold a Hockey stick in their life. Do we still realize hockey is our national games not just for books but for real. Do we know the treatment of our hockey players. A news clipping in NDTV (2006) shows that players have to share rooms in their accomodation provided by the hockey federation during their training or during their matches. Not even the basics are provided. Players have to wash their cloths themselves.

And there was another news (2005) about one of our boxing champion who has won a Gold medal in a International event. He holds a job in Indian railway, as a parking ticket collector. Not even a single person would know he was responsible to hoist our national flag high above the others, leaving other countrymen salute. All he does not is a 8 hour of job under the hot sun. And not acting for a million dollar ad campaign.

And Boxing, after the medal in 2008 Olympics has not seen much of a status change. The Boxing federation organized a event similar to the IPL format after the medals in the Olympics. Not a single Rupee from our patriotic sponsors, who would pour millions in to BCCI. In case of IPL the branding of stumps in DLF name, showing its logo on the sidescreen, naming Pepsi as the IPL official drink for five years will attract $12.5 million fee. Is just a tip of the ice(Gold) berg.

Here are few facts about BCCI not known to many

(i) The BCCI logo is derived from the emblem of the Order of the Star of India, India's highest order of chivalry during the British Raj and also its Coat of Arms.

BCCI logo resembles the Ashok Chakra. But not as this article from Wikipedia says. This logo was from the Imperial British government who claimed themselves as the governing body of India, as in this case it is the Indian cricket.

(ii) BCCI is given a tax exemption by the Indian Government under the existing provisions of Income-Tax Act 1961, the income of an association established with the object of encouraging games like cricket, hockey, football, tennis is exempt from income-tax. Will this do any good to the country. BCCI is now a complete commercial corporate body with a motive to sell cricket, why not its revenue be spent on other sports.

BCCI is just a corporate house camouflaged as brand India. And being patriotic about our Indian cricket team just has no meaning to it.









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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To go without the over head tank

In case we have continuous supply of water and electricity.

Why do we need a over head tank. Instead we can install a new kind of Tap which can be a Electromechanical component. What I mean hear is, the tap should act like a Switch to the motor pump, and also functions as a valve to let the water through it.

In this case the motor will switch on when we open the tap and the water can flow directly from the motor out-put than from the over head tank.

This is the reason I think this will be of help. In case u want to supply water for the second floor in a 10 store building, we are only using enough energy to pump the water from water surface to second floor. In our current method, we are using energy to pump the water for 10 floors and using the stored potential energy to get the water from 10th floor to second floor.

This can sure be one of the solution to save power.

Ghajini - Hindi version

After a long time here is a movie which is worth watching. Thankx to Murugadas and Amir Khan to have made this happen. The movie is the same as in Tamil with a slight twist in the climax. And another change made is the Name GHajini is the Villains name in Hindi version.

The movie was really great to watch, the screenplay was excellent as it was in Tamil. And Amir Khans action was really good. Am really not able to say If Surya or Amir fitted for the character. Just one thing which did not fit was Amir Kahns shirt. The way he had rolled his sleves did not give the executive look which was there in Surya(Tamil version). Aasin sure will make a very good name in Bollywood with her wonderful performance.

Over all, Ghajini did meet all the expectations. It was great watching...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can we store light in a container?

Is it possible to arrest light in a perfectly reflective (Inside) container???

If so why not we save this in micro or nano packets and reuse it for our lighting purpose, else why not we use this to activate photo cells to produce electricity in placed where there is no constant source of light.

May be in earth, else during our outer space expeditions. This is something which I am thinking from my school days. Most of my teachers avoided to answer this question. This is still a question for which I do not have a answer, or am not sure if it is practically possible.

This thought of mine is surely out of proportion in today's standard. But surely not out of track, since man is already planning to propel space vehicles with nothing but beam of light.

Ghajini - Tamil Movie Review

Sanjay Ramasamy (Surya) is a rich business man suffering from memory loss (he looses memory every 15 minutes). His story is being un-veiled by a medical student Chitra (Nayantra) who is researching on such a medical condition. Sanjay's diary has the entire story, even Sanjay can know his past only through this diary. During all this the police officer investigating a case against Sanjay is killed.

Chitra comes to know about Sanjay's love with Kalpana (Asin) a model cum social activist. Due to her active involvement against child racketeers, she is killed by Lakshman (Pradeep rawat) and group.

So Sanjay is set on a mission to take revenge on everyone involved in the killing of Kalpana. During the same incident Sanjay is hit on the head and loses his recalling ability. Sanjay comes up with a self mechanism to over come his memory loss by documenting(Photos and tatoos on his body) everything that happens.

The story line is very clean and the screen play does the magic. Surya has made a very good impression as a charming young guy during the love phase with Asin. And the movie drifts in to more of a thriller.

Action sequence is some thing which needs a special mention. Surya has done a lot of home work. Which is one of hid Unique quality.

If it is just humour that can keep a movie intact, U r wrong.

Harris Jeyraj songs were awesome, and few can be regarded as trend setters.

Kanal Kannan’s stunt choreography is really powerful.

The name behind Ghajini and its huge success is Murugadoss. No wonder Amir Khan is too impressed with it and the Hindi version is releasing on 25th December 2008.

This is one such movie which made people come back to the theater to enjoy the movie again and again.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is a story of a couple who find their real love through a reality show "Dancing Jodi". This is a wise back drop for a movie when the Indian Media now has loads and loads of Reality shows in different form (Singing, dance, live together)

Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan), is a working in Punjab Power. And he falls in love with Taani (Anushka Sharma)a very charming girl for whom the whole world is her painting. They get married and love does not seem to be that happening due to huge age difference. Taani, wants to participate in"Dancing Jodi" a reality dance show, from which the movie kick starts. The dance competition has a mix bag of contenders. Taani wants to take part for the show, but she is not due to her husband's fashion sense. Later on when Surinder finds out about his wife's wish he tries to make the change with in him and in the process the love is realized between them with each change in Surinder.

Overall this movie has something for everyone.

Rating 2.5/5

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Medusind Office

This is my second company Medusind India Pvt Ltd.

Monday, December 1, 2008