Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review: Rear Window - By Alfred Hitchcock

This movie is one of Alfred Hitchcock's master piece where he plays the emotions of the audience. The movie it titled aptly. The whole movie is through a Rear Window of photographer (James Stewart). He is immobilized due to a accident and is indoor.

Only two people gets in contact with him, his maid and his girl-friend (Grace Kelly). Grace wants him to marry her, but James is doubtful because he is from a different background and class.

James is bound to his room. So he keeps looking around through his window on other apartments. James now tracks other peoples personal lives closely through his camera, by their windows. On his list there is a newly wed couple always in a romantic feel, another women who entertains other men in her apartment, another couple who love their pet dog, and there is one women who rehearses for her dinner with her friend, and the couple who have nothing interesting to watch, but in the due course becomes the part of the main screenplay. When James suspect that the husband has killed his wife, for which he tries to investigate with the help of his maid and his girlfriend. And with all twists and turns there is a happy ending.

This movie is a true master piece of Alfred Hitchcock.

Yuvvraaj movie review

Yuvraaj has all the big names behind it, Subhash Ghai, Salmaan Khan, A. R. Rehmaan, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor, Mithun and many more. Still The movie is not likely a good product you would expect from these creators.

Subhash Ghai has lost his winning run. And this movie is definitely not one of Ghai's product. The movie missed to full fill the basic expectations it created. When other Khan's are working hard to stand alone, Salman khan missed to create a name for his own through this movie. Anil Kapoor luckily was not a let down.

The movie is about Deven Yuvvraaj (Salmaan Khaan) with 2 other brothers and a father. He sings for a choir who is in love with cellist Anushkha (Katrina), and now the Indian masala. The father of the girl wants the guy to be super rich, and our hero signs a deal that he will be SUPER RICH in 40 days. By now the story is over since the movie is not going to end with Salman Kahn loosing. Soon Salman's father passes away leaving properties worth millions to his younger brother Gyanesh(Anil Kapoor) which Anil Kapoor decides to take away. But the masala again with all family sentiments and twists and turns the screen play ends all good.

Let downs,

1. Salman Kahn
2. Subhash Ghai
3. A Rehman (His magic in just 2 songs)
4. Screen play
5. Katrina (As usual, no scope for action)

Rating 1.5/5


Movie is always a parallel world, which never fails to kindle a change in our thinking perspective. Few movies stay away from our normal life, like the true Sci-Fi type. Few just reflect what we are.

Few Movies are lessons on how to be and how not. This is always taken care by our sub-conscious mind and not in our control. But each movie is a experience. And a experience can be shared, also the reviews. Just a casual 'good' or 'Bad' is enough to be considered as a review.

A moment is to experience, be it good or bad.....

Lucky number Slevin - Mistaken identity Review

The movie starts with the killing of two man. And moves to a bus terminal where a a young man is approached by Goodkat (Bruce Willis), who tells the story of Max, a family man who bets borrowed money on a fixed horse race. Unknown to Max, the mobsters financing the fix discover others betting on it and, to set an example and solidify their reputation, murder Max and his entire family. As Goodkat concludes the story, he promptly snaps the man's neck.

In New York, Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) answers the door to his friend's apartment and meets bubbly neighbor Lindsey (Lucy Liu), who observes that Slevin is not Nick Fisher, the apartment's renter. Relating to her a sequence of events that lead him to Fisher's apartment, Slevin confesses he has not seen Nick, and that the apartment was unlocked when he arrived. Lindsey expresses concern over Nick's absence and vows to investigate his disappearance before leaving for work. And plunges in to action.

Later Sleven was kidnapped by Morgan Freeman's men, later is asked to pay $96,000 or to kill Yitzchok the Fairy, the homosexual son of rival Jewish mafia lord The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). But Slevin is still clueless why he need to get involved in this. Since he is not Nick as the way he was identified.

Later Slevin returns to Nick's apartment, where he is kidnapped by two more henchmen who take him to The Rabbi, who also mistakes Slevin for Nick and demands he pays Nick's sizeable $33,000 debt to him within 48 hours. As Slevin leaves, Goodkat appears and confirms with the Rabbi their contract to kill the Boss. This set the suspense high. Why nick is missing, why does he owe money. Why Slevin is in the way. All this leads to the past when Slevins father and his mother were killed failing to pay the debt. And Slevin was ordered to be murdered by the Goodkat. And Goodkat took Slevin along with him instead of murdering him. And later returns to play a game with the two Bosses.

There are few places you would think that you have lost the story, but the missing bits and pieces fall in place as the movie proceeds. It is a shear crime thriller film..

Aragami - God of battle Review

This movie was a result of a challenge by a Japanese producer Shinya Kawai to Yukihiko Tsutsumi(Directed 2LDK) and Ryuhei Kitamura(Directed Aragami). The challenge was to direct a movie in a single set, within a week and the story should be a battle between two.

Unlike 2LDK with the Starring crew of just 2, Aragami has 5. But still reached up to the challenge with the battle between 2. Movie starts with 2 injured Samurai warriors knocking the door of a lonely temple in the middle of a thick forest. There are received a mysterious young girl and swordsman.

Later one of the samurai warrior wakes up, then realizes that he has healed miraculously. But clueless how it's possible. Later came to know he has attained immortality by eating the liver of the other warrior who was fighting for his life. He was very upset regarding this.

The samurai warrior and swordsman sit down to spend the night drinking. And the truth unveils. The swordsman says that he is a Aragami. He is the legendary Miyamoto Musashi and is immortal. He asks the Samurai warrior to engage in a battle with him and to defeat him and to help him die. It is a long battle finally the Swordsman dies, attaining his end and the Samurai warrior stays in the temple to attain his end.
Aragami is a well directed movie. It has very good fight sequence. And a mystery running alongside the entire story.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anbe Shivam movie review

Anbe Shivam is a movie of great ideologies. But was not accepted to make it a commercial hit. The movie starts when Nallasivam (Kamal), and Anbarasu (Madhavan) miss their flight from Buwaneshwar to Chennai. They are forced to travel to chennai immediately since Nallasivam is carrying a huge check along with him for the poor needy labors. And Anbarasu needs to be in Chennai for his marriage. So they travel by Train, Taxi and all means to reach Chennai. On their way they see the real life, which Anbarasu is not used to as a Advertising executive. This sets the plot to a clash in ideologies between Nallasivam and Anbarasu. Later Anbarasu realises the truth and accepts Nallasivan as his brother (More like his wellwisher).

The path Nallasivam has taken to this point was not a easy one. He is a hardcore communist raising his voice to increase the salary for the workers. But is being shut down by the capitalist owners. And also falls in love with the owners daughter. When they flea to get married. Nallasivam is caught in a bus accident and is hospitalized. Nallasivam and Bala (The owners daughter) were convinced the other is dead. Hence Nallasivam goes on to work for his fellow workers as a sounding board. And Bala gets ready for her marriage.

But the bridegroom is Anbarasu. Nallasivam uses this opportunity to convince the owners for a raise in salary and let go his love to his brother. Nalasivam character in tha later part of the movie is more like a atheist. But not exactly, since he thinks there exists no god except the good people are god themselves. And the title tells it all ANBE SHIVAM ' Love is god'.

Vaaranam Aayiram Review

This is one of the most awaited movie. And it created a lot of expectation. But it did not satisfy the expectation. Surya and Gautham Manon missed to give the winning formula this time.

The whole movie is about the life of Karthik and his son Surya(Both were acted by Surya). This movie shows the relation between the father and his son, their love and HOW their love changed their life. Fine.... But the whole movie seems to be in small packets. Which contains 3 love story(One for Karthik, two for Surya), rehabilitation phase, Military phase, and a small slot where Surya is a single man army against a underground gang to rescue a kid. After you come out of the theater you are pretty confused what the movie is about. And you are confused to answer the question when someone asks what is the story.

This movie is no exception where logic is taken for granted in movies.

1. Surya gets bank loan without completing his graduation to start his business.

2. Surya gets visa for the reason that he is going for his love.

3. Surya with all his family burden on his shoulders goes and spends 90 days in US with his girl friend.

4. His office is running very well. But the boss(Surya) is not around.

5. Lucky Surya gets his second outing, now goes to Kashmir to relax after his tragic drug usage. Again his buz runns well.

6. Surya a single man tracks a undergroung gang who have kidnapped a buz mans(His friend) son.

7. This is ultimate. When Surya encounters the gang, they attack with swords and knife. How well the gang is armed.

8. Surya is now Major K Surya... HOW??????????

When compared with other movies the logic is not that shocking. But we expect something different from Gautham.

vaaranam aayiram 6 in one.

Drona - Confused super hero...

Drona has been described as a Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones movie, but with an original story. But was not true when I met with the truth. Except the part that it has a original story.

The movie did not have a proper screen play. No one could say which category the movie belong to, is it a movie for the kids, is it a action movie, is t a family drama or a love based. It started with high expectations, the camera movement, make-up and the lighting all said that it is going to be a movie filled with a super hero fantasy, I was thrilled. But the story started to move, and there was a suspicious Yellow car roaming around. Fine with a car of this sort the person inside the car must be loaded with all the modern weapons. And the truth unveils when Priyanka Chopra gets down from the car with a Ancient Kalari style weapon. 'I was expecting a high power machine gun'.

Fine, I was let down, but let the movie go with the same feel. Again I was let down, the scene opened in a desert. Where AB meets Jaya Bachan, the queen of a kingdom. ???I thought the movie runs in modern time, where did this queen come from??? And it movie turned to be a family drama with few tears shed. But this should be a action packed super hero movie. And where is the action? Where is the famous Drona sword I was in the posters and how about some transportation(White horse). These questions were unveiled later in the movie. BUT I WANT SUPER HERO ACTION.

In the due course the only positive is some good graphics and Priyanka Chopra. And there was a horse stunt which reminded me of our Chiru horse stunt and Balaya bike stunt. Another let down.

Finally the story need to end, and you know the bad guys die and good guys live happily for ever.

And to answer the question : Which category this movie belong to? It is a movie with a confused screen play with something for everyone from 6 to 60. But not enough to call it worthy.

2LDK - True art of screen play Review

2LDK (2 bedroom, Living room and Kitchen. The Japanese way of 2BHK) is one of the best directed movie. This movie was a result of a challenge by a Japanese producer Shinya Kawai to Yukihiko Tsutsumi (Directed 2LDK) and Ryuhei Kitamura (Directed Aragami). The challenge was to direct a movie in a single set, within a week and the story should be a battle between two.

2LDK was filmed in 8 days, with just 2 actress(Just 2 faces you can see in the complete movie) and is filmed in a 2LDK(2BHK) appartment. Eiko Koike and MahoNonami live in the same apartment and they belong to the same talent agency and are expecting to create a name for their own. They have a totally different attitude with their different social background. Nozomi is a country girl who always looks higher towards Rana who is a flashy looking City girl. They have set rules they follow to share the accommodation. The rule even extends to labeling the stuffs in the refrigerator. Both stay separately even though they share the same roof. They are polite with each other on the outer surface, but the inner thoughts are different.

And these difference in their inner thoughts start to speak and the argument heats up and fires the battle between the two girls. The battle goes up until them start to kill each other with the household equipments.

WOW what a movie it is. If you want to be carried away by a movie. This would be a movie you would want to see. 2LDK is about true human nature. As raw it is.

Movie experience

Best way to crash down for an ideal weekender is to catch up with a good movie. The movie experience does not end with the one and half to three hour movie. If this is the case it will end in front of a PC or a TV.

But the movie experience is larger than that. The movie experience starts from the point when we decide to go to the movie followed by the selection of the movie followed by the theater. and need to get the ticket. One of the important part in this movie experience is the travel to the theater. And comes the actual movie. And ends with the review about the movie.

In this process the tedious part is to get the ticket for the movie from the theater you want. At the end of the day all that is left behind is one good experience.............